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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Back and new in 2016

Hello all.

In 2016, I have changed genre of art and design from realist art to abstract art. My new technique utilizes acrylic paint on stretched canvas. I have named my technique "Drippour". This technique uses Liquitex pouring fluid, acrylic inks and stretched canvas boards of various sizes. It is a wonderful technique as every painting is unique and a one-off. The image above is just one example of my new works, and I will be adding more posts with more examples of my art as time goes on. 

My works will be for sale soon in Australia only, until I master the art of shipping overseas. A print of one of my works (the image above) is currently available through Redbubble, so anyone worldwide can access the opportunity to purchase this if they wish. More prints of my works will become available soon via Redbubble. 

I always welcome feedback and hope you get as much pleasure out of viewing my Drippour examples here, as I have done creating them.

Best wishes to all ;)